Vintage porn 80s in “Randy, the Electric Lady”

Name: Randy, the Electric Lady

Language: English

Country: United States

Director: Phillip Schuman

Year: 1980

Duration: 65 min

Actors: Eric Edwards,Johnnie Keyes,Richard Pacheco,Tyler Reynolds,John Sleuther,Roger Frazer,Steve Miller,Cyrus James,Harold Steinfarfel,Justin Case,John Leonard,C.P. Herr

Actress: Desiree Cousteau,Aunt Peg,Jesie St. James,Arcadia Lake,Desiree West,Barbara Klouds,Monica Sands,Brenda Stewart,Claire Lucerne,Jennifer Royce,Gina D’Amato,Mary Sue Hoffer,Beth Stein

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"The name of this film is RANDY, with THE ELECTRIC LADY added later probably for unneeded pizzazz. RANDY is a delightful sci-fi comedy that was made in 1978, two years earlier than its release date. The film is carefully crafted nonsense and makes full use of Desiree Cousteau’s sexual and acting abilities. She is truly enthusiastic and uninhibited in the role of Randy, a free spirit experiencing problems with orgasm. She turns to a research center headed by Doctors Tully and Harrison, played by Monica and Roger. Under their testing, Randy learns that she produces a substance called ‘orgasmine’ when she climaxes, and in no time at all she short circuits all of the lab equipment."The head of the institute, the evil Dr. Pandreck (played by Juliet Anderson to the hilt) realizes that control of orgasmine will rule the world. People involved with it experience complete and utter passion and can easily be controlled. After the good doctors spirit Randy to a country hideout, she is found by the wicked henchpersons of Pandreck and produced the substance for them. From that point on, the film becomes pure sexual farce."RANDY is brilliantly put together. It is witty, charming and sexually hot, one of the few films I would classify as totally professional. The best scene of the film is at the country estate, where Monica’s jealousy melts and she, Desiree and Roger find themselves in a sensuous three-way by the fireplace. Monica has not appeared in another film, to the best of my knowledge, and she is something to behold. Desiree is the ideal perfect love toy, and she is not a sex object here, because of the plot. Watch enough dreck, you’re bound to find some jewels. This is one of the rarest."


Lisa DeLeeuw movies in “Ginger Lynn Non-Stop”

Name: Ginger Lynn Non-Stop

Duration: 139 min

Country: United States


Year: 1988

Language: English

Actress: Ginger Lynn,Lisa DeLeeuw,Janey Robbins,Susan Hart,Kelly Richards,Debra Lynn,Lisa Lake,Suze Randall

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Actors: Peter North,Marc Wallace,Harry Reems,Ray Victory,Steve Powers,Paul Barresi,Tony El-Lay,Howard Ziehm

The most successful and sinfully sensational nymphette to ever grace the blue screen, Ginger Lynn, scorches the celluloid for you in this "Non-Stop" volume. See hot interracial and pounding anal action as only Ginger can dish out – as well as luscious lesbian escapades! Ginger Lynn and friends proudly unveil, "Ginger-Lynn Non-Stop" for your amorous erotic pleasure.


Dyanna Lauren actress – “Bad Girls 5: Maximum Babes”

Name: Bad Girls 5: Maximum Babes

Director: Paul Norman

Country: United States

Year: 1995

Duration: 66 min

Language: English

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Actress: Jeanna Fine,Kaitlyn Ashley,Dyanna Lauren,Jill Kelly,Rebecca Bardoux,Sindee Coxx,Kirsty Waay,Brittany Andrews

Actors: Tom Byron,TT Boy,Tony Tedeschi,Bobby Vitale,Chaz Chase


Vintage anal porn tube : “Education of the Baroness”

Name: Education of the Baroness

Language: English

Year: 1977

Duration: 131 min

Country: France

Director: Gérard Kikoine

Actors: Alban Ceray,Guy Royer,Jacques Gatteau,Patrice Cheron,Richard Bigotini,R. Lounge

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Actress: Brigitte Lahaie,Sylvie Dessartre,Maude Carolle,Micky Love,Michele D’Agro

What would you do if you could change places with a Baron and Baroness for one day? In this fast-paced adventure, two servants find out what it’s like to have all the wealth and power they can handle. Hector, the chauffeur and Baron reverse roles during a drive through the countryside. The Baron enjoys chauffeuring, with the feel of the road under him, While Hector enjoys the feel of a sweet young hitchhiker in the backseat.


Phadra Grant – Classic asian pussy

Phadra Grant - Classic asian pussy

Name: Chinesischen Schwestern

Duration: 157 min

Language: English

Country: United States

Year: 1978

Director: Anthony Spinelli

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Actress: Phadra Grant,China Leigh,Vicky Lyon,Lisa Grant

Actors: John Leslie,Ed Navarro,Jack Wrangler,Mark McIntire,Robby Robinson

Phadra Grant - Classic asian pussy

Girl is an English teacher during the day. But, at night, she turns into an unsatiable nymphomaniac. She gets involved with her pupils and, in the hope of a cure, she even seduces her girl. With nobody at hand, she makes love to herself.


Classic 80s porn : “Lust Inferno”

Name: Lust Inferno

Language: English

Country: United States

Duration: 80 min

Director: Carlos Tobalina

Year: 1982

Actress: Tamara Longley,Gail Sterling,Rita Ricardo,Drea,Kathy Kay,Irene Wilson,Marguerite Nuit,Lina Spencer,Cherry Smith,Lucille Grant

Actors: Hershel Savage,Ed Navarro,Bill Margold,Bert Stingwrong,Bruce Hardwell

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Bianca Trump naked – “Adventures of Seymore Butts”

Name: Adventures of Seymore Butts

Year: 1992

Director: Seymore Butts

Language: English

Duration: 110 min

Country: United States

Actors: Marc Wallace,Sean Michaels,TT Boy,Chuck Martin,Seymore Butts,Nick Santiago

Actress: Angela Summers,Lynn LeMay,Carolyn Monroe,Bianca Trump,Mona Lisa,Alex Jordan,Darla Derriere,Sofia Luren,Natasha

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You see, it’s like this – I’ve always had an obsession with butts! Maybe it’s because my name is Seymore Butts, and I come fro ma long line of Butts. Or maybe it’s because there’s nothing better than a butt. Or, maybe it’s because it’s more fun to watch a pretty girl walking away from me because then they can’t see me drooling. Yeah, I drool, and my dick gets hard, and I play with myself. And now, I’m going to give you the chance to drool and to get hard, and to play with yourself – because I found a video camera and I’m going to take you on an adventure in BUTTLAND!


Pamela Jennings – Retro platinum porn

Pamela Jennings - Retro platinum porn

Name: D Cup Delights

Language: English

Duration: 131 min

Director: Jane D’arc

Year: 1987

Country: United States

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Actors: Hershel Savage,John Stagliano,Tony Montana,Rock Rome,King Paul,Cole Stevens

Actress: Pamela Jennings,Julia Parton,Laura Sand,Tiffany Jordan,Stevie

Pamela Jennings - Retro platinum porn

I just love big tits! Johnnie exclaims, his nose buried in a pile of brassiere Johnnie is a stock boy in a bra factory. This is paradise! Wherever he turns there is either the pretty, young, and very voluptuous model Connie trying on a new bra, or buxom boss Miss Jackson watching and hanging over his every move. It’s Miss Jackson big hangers that drives him mad. He’s just got to get a peel at them! Meanwhile Johnnie peeks at Connie changing bras and dreams of real nasty girls with big tits. Girls like Laura Sands, Joyce Patrick and Pamela Jennings, girls direct from the pages of your favorite big tit magazine his uncontrollable lust he thrusts his hand in his pocket to rub his rising need. "Johnnie do you have a problem?" Miss Jackson catches Johnnie again! "Get back to work before I do this to the pencil in your pants!" Miss Jackson breaks Johnnie’s pencil, but not his spirit. If he could just keep his mind on his work, and his hand out of his pocket, maybe he won’t get fired. But don’t worry; someone so into big tits is invaluable in a bra factory. He only needs a chance to prove his worth. So put your hands in you pocket and delight to the sight of bouncing boobies. D-Cup Delights delivers a bevy of delectable mounds of quivering tit flesh.


Angel Ash pussy in “Bad Habits”

Name: Bad Habits

Language: English

Country: United States

Year: 1994

Director: John Leslie

Duration: 109 min

Actors: Tom Byron,Joey Silvera,Jon Dough,TT Boy,Randy Spears,Blake Palmer,Mark Davis,Ted Craig,Christian Dowd

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Actress: Deborah Wells,Tiffany Mynx,Dyanna Lauren,Deidre Holland,Kelly Nichols,Sasha Strange,Angel Ash

Diedre Holland is a novelist. A rich Novelist. When her imagination gets the better of her, she seeks help from her sexual compulsions from a famous psychotherapist. Past-life therapy takes Diedre to more than one erotic encounter of a lifetime. But is the Doc for real, or are his methods -and-motives unsound? A sophisticated erotic thriller from award winning director John Leslie.This is the only Christian Dowd video.