Catherine Castel xxx – “The Receptionist”

Name: The Receptionist

Duration: 133 min

Language: French

Country: France

Year: 1977

Director: Patrick Aubin

Categories: Catherine Castel xxx, 1977, France, French, Patrick Aubin, Elisabeth Bure, Erika Cool, Carole Gire, Catherine Castel, Sylvia Diams, Monique Malterre

Actress: Elisabeth Bure,Erika Cool,Carole Gire,Catherine Castel,Sylvia Diams,Monique Malterre


To pay her studies and participate in the costs of collective life that she leads with 3 friends, Catherine, 20 years old, works at the reception of an old hotel led by 2 unbearable associates. One night, on the brink of nervous breakdown, she flees crying and joins her friends. They decide as revenge to transform the Honorable hotel by a House of fun and debauchery of all kinds.