Retro asian porn in “Femme Fatale”

Name: Femme Fatale

Year: 1984

Duration: 63 min

Country: United States

Director: Mike Stryker

Language: English

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Actors: Paul Thomas,Marc Wallace,Blair Harris

Actress: Janey Robbins,Mai Lin,Cody Nicole


Retro porn black and white in “Drivin’ Miss Daisy Crazy”

Name: Drivin’ Miss Daisy Crazy

Director: Bruce Seven

Year: 1990

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 89 min

Actress: Bridgette Monroe,Rebecca Steele,Marilyn Rose,Penny Lane

Actors: Peter North,Ray Victory,Cal Jammer,Gregor Samsa,Matt Lansing

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A man or woman with a boring partner puts porn videos on in order to get them interested, and the couple then end up so enthusiastic they become the porn movie for the next couple with one uninterested party.


Aubrey Nichols fuck : “Sissy’s Hot Summer”

Name: Sissy’s Hot Summer

Country: United States

Year: 1979

Director: Alan Colberg

Language: English

Duration: 74 min

Actress: Sharon Kane,Candida Royalle,Mimi Morgan,Laurien Dominique,Lisa K. Loring,Aubrey Nichols

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Actors: John Holmes,Jesse Adams,Jeff Scott,Alan Colberg,Tony Bond

Blonde Sharon starts things out lying back and getting pumped by Tony missionary style. She gets on top to ride him cowgirl style before hopping off to suck his cock. Sharon asks him to tie her up a bit, and although Tony’s a little nervous at first he ties her arms to her legs and then licks her pussy. Sharon has him fuck her from behind, and then lets him pop in her mouth.


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Name: Hollywood Goes Hard

Language: English

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Year: 1978

Director: Navred Reef

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French Kittens. We’re not talking about cats. We’re talking about gorgeous women who live for pleasure, you know, French women. Feast your eyes on this conclave of beautiful babes who don’t know the meaning of the word ‘no.’ You don’t have to be a cat lover to appreciate these pussies!


Old and young lesbian vintage porn : “Dreams Of Natasha”

Name: Dreams Of Natasha

Language: English

Year: 1985

Duration: 82 min

Country: United States

Director: Pablo Cairo

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Actress: Nina Hartley,Janey Robbins,Lili Marlene,Nikki Knights,Carol Titian,Vidya

Actors: Ed Navarro,Jon Martin,Jesse Adams,Jessie Eastern

In real life Natasha was about as innocent a college coed as you could ever find. But she suffered from recurrent and progressively more bizarre erotic dreams. The kind of dreams that could scorch the wallpaper off the walls of a bordello!! Is it getting hot in here? It better be with this little vixen trying her best to turn you on! Enjoy the show!


Suzanne Fields movies – “Virgin Hostage”

Name: Virgin Hostage

Country: United States


Duration: 56 min

Year: 1972

Language: English

Actress: Suzanne Fields,Lagusa Bendova

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Actors: Sheldon Lee,Leroy Jones

The present print of “Virgin Hostage” seems to be missing a bit of introductory material, but it starts off with a car racing away from what we soon discover was a bank robbery. Swish pans, shaky hand-held camera work and a twangy, Merseybeat soundtrack underscore the excitement. Meanwhile, two hippy chicks in short sundresses are seen walking out of a building. The girls chitchat about the upcoming weekend and, flashing forward to their “apartment,” you know, the one that always looks like a hotel room. they call a few friends and ask them to drop by later with some take-out chicken. Outside the girls’ building, the three bank robbers inspect the apparently inoperative engine of their getaway car. Toting a couple of guns and a paper sack full of money, they decide to hole up nearby. Cut to the interior of the girl’s apartment and the gangster’s rush in brandishing their rods. One of the chicks, a flabby, pasty-assed, bleached blonde, just happens to be (yuck!) nude at the moment; the other girl, a brunette (played by West Coast XXX sex siren Suzanne Fields), is immediately gagged.


Italian classic porn movies – “Una Ragazza Molto Viziosa”

Name: Una Ragazza Molto Viziosa

Duration: 82 min

Language: Italian

Director: Giorgio Grand

Year: 1987

Country: Italy

Actors: Rocco Siffredi,Christophe Clark,Eric Peyrolle

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Tera Heart in Vintage porn 90s

Tera Heart in Vintage porn 90s

Name: Hawaiian Heat 2

Year: 1995

Duration: 86 min

Country: United States

Director: Scotty Fox

Language: English

Actress: Tera Heart,Felecia,Olivia,Dallas,Brittany Fox,Brittany Fox

Actors: Chuck Martin,Brick Majors,Jack Hammer,Jack Hammer

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Tera Heart in Vintage porn 90s

Welcome to Scotty Fox’s other half: Pt. 2 of Hawian Heat. In which he takes porn’s hottest stars to Hawaii, letting them loose on the volcanic black beaches, in the clear lagoons and under the crisp waterfalls of the world’s prettiest island. And guess what happens: They all get laid. And rather constantly!It’s Felicia, Tera Heart, Olivia, Vanessa, Dallas and more in Hawaiian Heat 2: Beach Tramps. With six action scenes and more beautiful scenery than a week of PBS specials. Or as the natives say, "alikuanamali" (That means "you’d be smiling too if you were getting $500 a night for hotel rooms!") Aloha…


Mindy Rae fuck – “Girls of the Third Reich”

Name: Girls of the Third Reich

Language: English

Country: United States

Director: Joseph De Ruyter

Duration: 81 min

Year: 1989

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Actors: Ron Jeremy,Francois,Sunny Glick,Damien Wolf,Mark Harris,Jeff Scott,Sergio Iglesias


Mature germany sex retro : “Twilight 9”

Name: Twilight 9

Language: German

Duration: 90 min

Country: Germany

Director: Julia Reaves

Year: 1994

Actors: Jim Collins,Andy Show,Bert Wood,Robert Ritch

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Actress: Sylvia May,Dominique Perignon,Mandy,Gina Mint


Lesbian classic porn movies in “Radical Affairs 5”

Name: Radical Affairs 5

Language: English

Duration: 89 min

Year: 1993

Country: United States

Director: Mark Stone

Actress: Porsche Lynn,Angela Summers,Domonique Simone,Crystal Wilder

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Don’t miss the luscious Angela Summers in “Radical Affairs 5”! She is so nasty yet so nice! Don’t miss this incredibly hot slut take on cocks in any and every hole as her big ass tits bounce up and down with every up and down motion on a cock!


Lisa Bright pussy in “Prom Girls”

Name: Prom Girls

Director: Alex DeRenzy

Language: English

Year: 1988

Duration: 125 min

Country: United States

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Actress: Shanna McCullough,Aja,Megan Leigh,Renee Morgan,Dana Lynn,Lisa Bright,Eva Allen

Actors: Peter North,Tom Byron,Joey Silvera,Blake Palmer

It’s that time again: Prom night at the Cumberland School for Girls. Principal Shanna McCullough has her hands full trying to keep everything running smoothly — and trying to keep her sexy students from engaging in any salacious shenanigans. Shot by legendary director Alex De Renzy, ‘Prom Girls’ is a fast-paced romp that delivers plenty of lusty laughs and lots of scrumptious sirens doing what they do best. Shanna relates a torrid tale from last year’s prom, when Megan Leigh joined a pair of tuxedo-clad studs in a frantic threeway fling. Back in the present semester, Eva Allen turns a dress fitting into an afternoon of debauched delights when she seduces her tailor. Dana Lynn trysts with her prom date Tom Byron right out on the school’s front lawn! And luscious Aja and Renee Morgan turn a biology study session into a scintillating Sapphic blast. Meanwhile, Shanna gets a bit distracted from her disciplinary chores when deans Peter North and Kendall Marx convince her to let down her hair — and her dress — for some steamy threeway fun. The three freaky faculty members get down and dirty in an explosive scene that really brings out the best in all of them. Filled with tasty young tarts and oodles of eroticism, this is one prom night you won’t soon forget!


Marilyn Martyn naked – “Hotel Sodom 4”

Name: Hotel Sodom 4

Director: David Christopher

Country: United States

Duration: 85 min

Language: English

Year: 1995

Actors: Tom Byron,Steve Drake,Alex Sanders,Scott Turner,Steve Hatcher,Jamie Karson

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Actress: Kaitlyn Ashley,Vanessa Chase,Tera Heart,Krista,Marilyn Martyn

Welcome back to the wildest hotel in town, where every guest has a sensual legend to share. The hotel once again fills up with shapely young sirens who crave the special attention they get from this ribald room service staff. Kaitlyn Ashley gets the action going when she checks in and bellhop Alex Sanders jump into some frantic back door boffing. Cutie Tera Heart shines in a steamy solo segment, then really loses her head when a pair of studs burst in and treat her to a ravenous threeway. The finale ranks as the flick’s best, with scrumptious Vanessa Chase delving into a delirious dalliance with Steve Hatcher. Make sure you get your reservations in early – this is one Hotel that’s bound to fill up fast.


Jordan Lee fucking – “Gho-sts”

Name: Gho-sts

Duration: 86 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: William Carelee

Year: 1995

Actress: Bunny Bleu,Kaitlyn Ashley,Jordan Lee

Actors: Joey Silvera,Jon Dough,Tony Tedeschi

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Cindy Black xxx in “Temptress”

Name: Temptress

Language: English

Duration: 73 min

Country: United States

Director: Samuel Summers

Year: 1982

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Billy Dee,Ed Navarro,David Ruby,Perry Mann,Steve Darby

Actress: Tigr,Barbara Daniels,Destiny Duvall,Liza Linelli,Donna Malvido,Gail Stewart,Cindy Black,Bernadette Peterson

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Andrea True porn videos – “Illusions Of A Lady”

Name: Illusions Of A Lady

Director: Jonas Middleton

Language: English

Year: 1973

Duration: 58 min

Country: United States

Actress: Helen Madigan,Andrea True,Michelle Magazine,Martine Gay

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Actors: Jamie Gillis,Roger Caine,Davey Jones

This is a little seen classic from Jonas Middleton, who also directed the excellent Through the Looking Glass. Although no where near as ambitious as that film, this is an enjoyably kinky flick with the terrific Andrea True looking great and a memorably crazy scene from Jamie Gillis wearing women’s underwear while jerking off and then covering on a pair of panties.


Classic vintage lesbian porn – “Play Christy for Me”

Name: Play Christy for Me

Year: 1991

Director: Tina Marie

Duration: 65 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Actors: Tom Byron,Randy West

Actress: Christy Canyon,Stacy Lords,Charisma,Sasha Strange

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A private eye receives photos of a client’s husband with his mistress. Alas, the client has her own affair with no other than the private eye’s boyfriend. The private eye thus offers the husband a sexual offer he can’t refuse.