Classic 80s porn stars in “Backdoor to Hollywood 4”

Name: Backdoor to Hollywood 4

Language: English

Year: 1988

Director: Robert Liszt

Country: United States

Duration: 82 min

Categories: Classic 80s porn stars, 1988, United States, English, Robert Liszt, Tiffany Storm, Lauryl Canyon, Barbii, Barbie Doll, Valentina, Ron Jeremy, Marc Wallace, Jon Dough, Scott Irish, Sasha Gabor, John Stagliano, Randy Paul, Anal, Latin

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Marc Wallace,Jon Dough,Scott Irish,Sasha Gabor,John Stagliano,Randy Paul

Actress: Tiffany Storm,Lauryl Canyon,Barbii,Barbie Doll,Valentina

If you don’t care much for coherent plots or very interesting characters, but like good-looking bimbos in heat, this may be for you. Barbii makes up for mediocre acting skills with a body that could convert the Pope. Most of the sex scenes are pretty standard stuff, but there’s one surprisingly superior segment where Barbii learns the lesson of lesbian love. There’s actually time for a bit of seduction, massaging and exploring as opposed to the standard kiss, rub and bury-the-faces formula. If you don’t go into this feature with too high expectations, you might be somewhat pleasantly surprised.