Georgina Spelvin Biography

Georgina Spelvin BiographyGeorgina Spelvin: AKA (Anya Walters,Cherry Grame,Georgette Spelvin,Georgiana Spelvin,Lynni,Miss Georgina Spelvin,Roberta Robbins,Ruth Raymond )
Birthday: March 1, 1936
Astrology: Pisces
Birthplace: Houston ,
Years Active: 1969- 2007
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Color: Brown
Measurements: 34B-25-34
Height: 163
Weight: 54
Tattoo: n/a
Piercing: n/a
Frequent partners: Eric Edwards, Jamie Gillis, John Holmes, John Leslie, Jon Martin

Born  March 1, 1936 (age 78)
Texas, U.S.
Other names  Shelley Abels, Claudia Clitoris, Tia Von Davis, Dorothy May, Merle Miller, Ruth Raymond, Georgette Spelvin, Ona Tural
Ethnicity  Caucasian
Height  5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight  118 lb (54 kg; 8.4 st)

Georgina Spelvin (born March 1, 1936) is the stage name of Michelle Graham, a former American actress and pornographic performer who is best known as the star of the classic pornographic film The Devil in Miss Jones.

Georgina Spelvin Biography

Early life

As a child, Spelvin fell victim to an attack of polio, but she recovered enough of her mobility to become a dancer. She began her professional career as a chorus girl in New York and was featured in the Broadway productions of Guys and Dolls, Sweet Charity, and The Pajama Game. She made her first movie, The Twilight Girls, a softcore lesbian film, in 1957.

Pornography career

Graham moved into porn when her friend actor Harry Reems introduced her to adult film director Gerard Damiano. The stage name she adopted is a variation on George Spelvin, a name traditionally used as a pseudonym by stage actors.

Though Spelvin is known to have appeared in a few sexploitation features during the late 1960s, she became one of the best-known figures in hardcore pornography for her starring role in The Devil in Miss Jones in 1973. Spelvin went on to appear in over 70 adult films before retiring from them in 1979.

In addition, she appeared in the low-budget exploitation film Girls For Rent (aka I Spit on Your Corpse), for which she also served as costume designer. Spelvin made cameos in the straight mainstream films Police Academy and Police Academy 3: Back in Training.

She had straight film roles in Bad Blood, in which she was credited as "Ruth Raymond," and Next Year in Jerusalem as well as guest-starring roles on the television shows Dream On and The Lost World.

Georgina Spelvin epitomized the era of porn chic. In 1973, Robert Berkvist, writing in The New York Times, commented that "’Miss Jones’ is as familiar in  Scarsdale as she is on Broadway."
After Devil

In 2004, she made a cameo appearance in Vivid Video’s remake of The Devil in Miss Jones, which it titled The New Devil in Miss Jones.

In 2005, she was interviewed for the documentary film Inside Deep Throat. As of the third week of February 2008, she resided in the Los Angeles area with her husband, actor John Welsh.

In 2009, she appeared as herself in the video for Massive Attack’s song "Paradise Circus".

In 2011, Spelvin was a guest on an episode (season 1, episode 5) of the Showtime series Dave’s Old Porn, in which she viewed and discussed clips from a number of her films (including The Devil in Miss Jones) with host Dave Attell and guest Adam Carolla.

In May 2008, she published her autobiography, The Devil Made Me Do It, and appeared on camera in a short web clip announcing its release on the internet. A self-published work, the book is available through her official website,

Georgina Spelvin Biography


1976 AFAA Best Supporting Actress for Ping Pong
1977 AFAA Best Actress for Desires Within Young Girls
1978 AFAA Best Supporting Actress for Take Off
1979 AFAA Best Supporting Actress for Ecstasy Girls
1980 AFAA Best Supporting Actress for Urban Cowgirls
1981 AFAA Best Actress for Dancers
AVN Hall of Fame
Legends of Erotica
XRCO Hall of Fame


2006 AVN Best Non-Sex Performance for The Devil in Miss Jones


One of the few bona fide legends of porn, Porn Star Georgina Spelvin was one of the hottest sexual performers ever captured on film. Born in Texas, Georgina Spelvin suffered from polio as a child, but recovered sufficiently to pursue a career as a dancer by the time she was in her twenties. Georgina Spelvin moved to New York and met with some success, landing a small role in the Broadway production of ‘Hello Dolly,’ and performing as Shirley MacLaine’s dance double in ‘Sweet Charity.’ It was while Georgina Spelvin was working in the New York theater world in the early 1970’s that she was approached by her friend Harry Reems, who got her some behind-the-scenes work in the fledgling adult film biz. Her first feature was 1971’s ‘High Priestess.’Although Georgina Spelvin wasn’t a traditional beauty and was well older than most women in the scene, Harry Reems saw a certain sexy something and recommended her to director Gerard Damiano. Gerard Damiano was quite impressed by her acting and took a chance on her, casting her as the lead in his ‘Devil In Miss Jones.’ Georgina Spelvin’s richly textured and deeply erotic performance as the virginal Justine Jones won her praise throughout the industry and made the film the classic that it is still considered today. Georgina Spelvin’s sizzling sex scenes burned with a genuine erotic heat that far outshone most women in the business.Having taken the porn world by storm, Georgina Spelvin continued to turn in one classic performance after another throughout the 70’s and early 80’s. Georgina Spelvin starred in no less than eight films which have been elected to the XRCO Hall Of Fame, including ‘3 A.M.,’ ‘Desires Within Young Girls,’ ‘Babylon Pink,’ ‘Easy,’ and ‘The Ecstasy Girls.’ Georgina Spelvin has won virtually every award in the biz, including two Eroticas for Best Actress and four Best Supporting Actress nods. Georgina Spelvin’s a member of the AVN Hall of Fame and was the first woman elected to the XRCO Performers Hall of Fame. A classy, always passionate performer, Georgina Spelvin is still considered one of the most authentically sexy women to ever appear in porn. She currently works in the graphic arts business and lives with TV actor John Welch.Georgina Spelvin received the award in 1977 from the Adult Film Association of America for the movie ‘Desires Within Young Girls’.She received the award in 1981 from the Adult Film Association of America for the movie ‘Dancers’.She received the award in 1976 from the Adult Film Association of America for the movie ‘Ping Pong’.She received the award in 1978 from the Adult Film Association of America for the movie ‘Take Off’.Georgina Spelvin received the award in 1979 from the Adult Film Association of America for the movie ‘Ecstasy Girls’.Georgina Spelvin received the award in 1980 from the Adult Film Association of America for the movie ‘Urban Cowgirls’.

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